Three Tips For Valentine's Day When You're Single

Here comes Valentine's Day again. Uh oh....I can't tell you how many times I was without a significant other on V-Day. It's a day that brings joy to some and anxiety to others who don't have anybody special in their life to share it with. Everything seems to be "so rosey" for everyone who is celebrating their love with boxes of chocolates and flowers being sent to them. But what about you? There are so many different ways to celebrate the love you have for yourself and your best friends. Here's a couple of ways to "get through" the night for those who truly do want to celebrate being in love:

TREAT YOURSELF!-Take yourself to a spa for a nice relaxing massage. Maybe even get a mani/pedi while you're at it. Make the day/night all about you.

SPEND THE NIGHT WITH YOUR BEST SINGLE FRIENDS-Have a get together with those you love at your home or head out for a low key dinner at a cool place with great music. Enjoy your time with those you love who are in the same single boat as you.

DO WHATEVER MAKES YOU HAPPY-  Go shopping, buy yourself something nice, take in a movie, eat your favorite food for dinner, binge your favorite show that you've been meaning to catch up on. After all, it's a day of self love and YOU deserve it!

Ellen Bolin is a Certified Professional Relationship Coach specializing in personal relationships. She coaches single men and women who are looking to be in an emotional and supportive relationship with a significant other. She is a graduate from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC) which is accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

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