Knowing Your Type

So we all think we have a “type,” right?   I know I thought so for years. They were generally short and stocky, like wrestlers.  I thought they were adorable. Unfortunately, they were boys….all of them, and probably prevented me from meeting other quality men.  Sometimes we are so used to what we “think” our type is that we dismiss others so quickly if they don’t quite fit into the neat package that we have created in our minds.  To quickly dismiss by saying, “He/She is not my type” becomes just too easy. 

But what is tying us to these types?  And, more importantly, what is holding us back from expanding our vision and exploring what others have to offer?  Women and men today are so unique and transcend “type” in many facets of life – why not extend that to our personal lives?  It is time to make a change and recognize that we can and should look beyond a type!

The Knowing Your Type workshop focuses on what we think we are looking for, what makes us feel the way we do about certain “types,” and how we react when we find ourselves attracted to our “types.”  Come join us in a supportive and confidential environment for this fun, informative, and empowering event specifically designed for those who REALLY do want to look past a type and meet their significant other.  This is NOT a stuffy event:  You will have fun in this intimate 45 minute workshop while enjoying a complimentary Halo session at The Salthaus, and you will leave with a fresh and exciting new look that can help you move forward in getting what you want.




Please join us for a fun intimate session and complimentary Halo session at The Salthaus-(limited seating available) 

Tuesday-April 9th 6:30-7:15

1220 Lexington Avenue @83rd st #2A

Sign up for the workshop at: and go to events to find the Knowing Your Type Workshop